View Full Version : "Glassaire" 72" E-Glider-$50.00 From SIG

Sky Sharkster
10-10-2006, 12:03 PM
While checking in on the SIG Mfg site yesterday;
From the main page, under "Closeout", Click "Airplanes" then "Glassaire" Then (at Last!) "Glassaire R/C RTF Airplanes". Last item on that drop-down, "Glassaire 400 RTF Glider" Whew! This site needs work, no direct link.
Anyway, I've owned one of these for more than 3 years and have literally hundreds of flights on mine. It is a 72" E-powered glider with F/G fuselage, built-up wing and tail, "V" dihedral, R/E/T. Airfoil not listed but my guess would be near an Eppler 205.
It comes covered in a gaudy "metalflake" Red or Blue opaque iron-on which I quickly replaced with Ultracoat Transparent orange and opaque white. Saved 1/2 ounce.
It's not really "RTF", it's an ARF. Attach tail surfaces, glue in wing locating blocks, add electronics, motor, battery tray, etc. It has 1 stout music wire joiner for the wing as well as 2 bolts at the center, plus the blocks for alignment.
Modifications; Several, if you want the plane to last! Cheap hard-plastic clevis' for the tail replaced with better nylon hardware. F/G inside of nose compartment with 1 oz. cloth, it's very thin and will crack otherwise. Same for area under wing attach points. Better canopy hold-down, magnets or hinged, the screw-down system they supply lasts about a week. Lower the tray for servos, at height shown the crown of mini-servos will bind on bottom of wing when it's attached. This requires lowering pushrod tubes from position shown on instructions.
I flew it first with a Speed 400, MP Jet Planetary 3.33:1 G/B, 8 cell 1100 NiMH, flew OK, climb took about a minute, but great glide and thermals very well.
Later (after F/G'ing inner nose) put in an AXI 2808/16 and really started to have fun! Climb took 30 seconds, lighter, more battery time. LiPos are good too, but not necessary.
This is a great "sport" glider, durable (after mods) flys in virtually any weather, unbelievably strong and forgiving. No "Floater" but anyone can fly it and it will "speck out" in decent lift. Great Trainer!
Get one before they're gone!

Don Sims
10-11-2006, 02:06 AM
Thanks for the heads up Ron! Did you pick up another spare?

Sky Sharkster
10-11-2006, 02:27 AM
Hi Don, I didn't order another, I've got 2 unbuilt glider kits (one "Nostalgia" Thermal Duration, one E-powered) waiting in line for room on the building board, and plans for an original pod-and-boom Thermic 100, Think Frank Zaic drew these himself, they're from 1939! Too many planes, not enough time.
But the Glassaire 400 is a good entry E-Glider for anyone starting out and the price is unbeatable!

Sky Sharkster
10-12-2006, 01:47 PM
I found some photos of my re-covered "Glassaire" on the Rocky Mountain Electric Flyers site, under "Gallery". 2nd row, far right, 4th row, far right. That photo is a little washed out, the color is orange, not yellow!