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10-14-2006, 03:02 AM

Am looking for any information on the conversion of the Flip3D 4 Class plane from Kyosho.

http://www.kyosho.co.jp/web/products/airplanes/acrobatic/sqs_aero/flip3d40/flip3d40-e.html (http://www.kyosho.co.jp/web/products/airplanes/acrobatic/sqs_aero/flip3d40/flip3d40-e.html)

Total Weight approx. 2200-2500g
Wing Area 60.0dmē
Wing Loading approx. 37-42g/dmē
Airfoil 20% symmetrical
Engine 2 stroke 46-50 class and or 4 stroke 52-63 class

The following is what I have in mind in terms of the electric conversion.

3700g of static thrust WOT, 6s1p 3700mAh pack, APC 15x8 Propeller. Prop RPM will be in the 6800 range

Any thoughts on the subject or recommendation would be apprieciated.

Also not to sure on how to power supply the servos should I go with BEC setup or Direct from ESC.

Servos will be 5945's Hitec or maybe 5925's. Nothing less then 70 oz of torque.


10-15-2006, 02:22 AM
OKay came up with the following setup anyone care to give out some pointers ?

Axi 4120/18 with evo 3700 6 Cell setup and a jeti 70.

Prop will be 14x8

11-02-2006, 10:10 PM
here is a cross post to RCG.. I didn't see anything here on wattflyer for you.
Kyle is a great pilot and enjoyed doing a lot of conversions...

not trying to incense anyone in power, just trying to give shesha a bit of help..

11-02-2006, 10:49 PM
Tone thanks for the feedback much apprieciated, the guys at the club cant wait for me to finish the build and see what the result is, am betting on a very good result.