View Full Version : DLG "Slingshot" From High-Torque.com

Sky Sharkster
10-14-2006, 02:08 PM
Here's a new DLG from Hightorque USA, the "Slingshot", Designed by Ralf Lindert;
Wingspan 1500 mm (59.05")
Length 1030 mm (40.55")
Wing Airfoil AG 45/47
Wing Area 22 square dm (341 square inches)
Fuselage Weight 42-45 gr (1.481-1.587 oz.)
Wing Weight 140-145 gr (4.938-5.114 oz.)
RTF Weight (approx) 280 gr (9.876 oz.)
Price $165 U.S.
Construction is C/F one-piece fuselage, carbon-reinforced, sandwich-constructed GFK wings with C/F reinforced tips for either right or left-handed launch.
The flight controls are elevator (1 servo) and aileron/flaps (2 servos). Rudder optional.
Give it a toss!