View Full Version : Dynaflite Fun Scale .40 Conversions

09-11-2005, 07:41 PM
I got the P-40 and P51 kits on Ebay. These were great and easy light weight flyers on sport .40 glow and should be great as electrics. Not wanting to invest big time in larger electrics, I bought an Astro geared 25 motor and a 16 cell Sanyo 1950AUP pack and a Joe Pasquito motor mount (mount from New Creations) I expect to get five minute scale-like flights with some aerobatics. Will build and cover as light as possible no frills or added weight for scale appearance. The 16 cell pack feels like a brick but costs about half as much as an equivalent lipo pack.

Matt Kirsch
09-13-2005, 06:20 PM
Heh, if you want a real brick, try a 16-cell pack of GP3300 full Sub-C cells :)

My first big brushless conversion was a .46-size F4U Corsair ARF. Back then, the best available LiPoly could only do about 5C, and GP3300s would've made the plane way too heavy. The 1950FAUP cells knocked close to a pound off the final weight (6lbs even vs. ~7lbs), and gave me good 5 minute flights. No complaints, and I doubt you'll have any either. Build light, and I believe you can eliminate most of the weight penalty from using NiMHs.