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10-22-2006, 04:52 PM
Well, I got my Cub in the air this morning. I posted below for some suggestions but in the end had to wing it so to speak!

I love this plane. I hated building it for sure. It was warped and I spent a lot of money out of my own pocket trying to get decent parts. And I had to modify the motor mount, and the cowling is green and warped, and ....

But now that I got to fly it, it was everything I wanted when I set out to get one. It flew big (47" big) and slow and stable. I ended up going with the 9x4.7 slow flyer, which turned out to be a very nice choice. Plenty of power for a hand launch, and cruise at my favored one or two clicks above half throttle. Incidentally, this was a 400XT motor and an Apex 1350 mah 3S lipo.

I got about ten minutes of flight, total. The maiden was crazy. The plane must have been tail heavy at the suggested 47mm CoG. It's possible that I was off, but I think it was balanced there. Well, the plane launched by hand and climbed vertical. I had virtually no control of it, but I was able to get full down elevator and chop the throttle, which gave me enough control (barely) to keep it from crashing. I just dead-sticked it to the ground. It nosed over relatively gently in the grass.

So I peeled the one gear fairing that had started to come off, off, and then took the other one off. I also moved the battery up about an inch. I am guessing this made my CoG about 40-42mm. I launched by hand again and it flew like a champ. It flew like a Cub!!

It was great to have a big docile plane like that. I had a PZ Cub as my first plane and then went right to warbirds, starting with the E-flite P47. This was a treat! No nerves, no fear of losing control, no fear of flying near the edge of the field, no fear of just glitching it into somebody else's property.

The second landing was successful in my mind, but it nosed over pretty hard and broke the prop (even though I was dead-stick). I didn't expect it to roll in the thick wet grasss with the 1.25" wheels or so that it came with. But the boken prop meant I couldn't fly it anymore today. So I took the P47 out for a few flights.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention the sound. I'm not sure what it is that causes it, but this plane sounds tremendous as it flies past. It actually sounds like a piston aircraft. Even my PZ Cub had this sound, and it was an entirely different power system, obviously. It was great to do some low overheads and listen to it chug past!

Here's a quick before and after for posterity. You can't really see it in the after, but the prop IS broken.


10-22-2006, 06:36 PM
Good job Andy! The Cub looks great. It is nice to have a gentle flyer to relax with occasionally.


10-22-2006, 06:55 PM
Thanks Tom! She definitely does just chug along!! I think she will be perfect in Florida at my parent's house (with some 2.5" wheels). This way I can just travel down there with some batteries and a Tx.