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10-23-2006, 05:07 PM
In browsing these forums the past month, I have seen all types of models... from the cheap "why not?" 's that people get at the last second in the electronic store to the unbelievable flying masterpieces that took a year to build. As well as the reactions when they were brought home.. From "WOW Thats cool!!" to "You Paid HOW MUCH?!?!"

My gal, who truly doesn't know the differance between an ESC and an SUV.. Loves to watch me come downstairs "smiling like a 5 year old" with a completed and charged up model and sometimes goes with me to the field and watch me fly, drive... crash.. whatever it was..

Last month I received a VR headset and microcam that I ordered and let her put it on.. I strapped the microcam to a little R/C Mini that I had laying around and let her watch through the headset. She thought it was really neat.. Then as I was nearing completion of a beginner plane, I handed her my 6ch remote and walked her through what the thing actually does. She really dug the thrust control as it blew things off my bench..

My birthday is coming and she told me what she was going to get me.. 100Euro ($125) gift certificate to my hobby store!!!

So tonight as I hover over my newest master R/C plan...which will probobly never see a good flight... She brings me a plate of whatever awesome creation she made from the kitchen.. she will curl up with one of her thriller novels... Only saying "see ya when you're done;) "...

The hours of slavin over the bench.. And my gal just lets me do my thang..

So I thought it would be nice, here, to start a thread praising the Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Partners who stand behind or even work with us... Supporting the passion we have for the hobby we love!!

10-23-2006, 07:20 PM
Sounds like you two have a 'good thing' to me :)

I guess we all have to give credit where credit is due....My lovely wife gives me the time I need to satisfy my 'childlike' behavior. She also is a book reader and sometimes she will come out with me and just read while I spend all day flying (or just a few minutes). During the winter she accepts that I can and do spend hours in my hobby room right after work and during the weekend.

We have 6 kids...mostly teenagers, but none the less require some attention at some point :o . Although I am 'Mr. Fixit' around the house when it comes to non living things (internet, TV, computers, shoes, backpacks, bikes, cars, furnaces, plumbing, electrical, lawnmower...) She is 'Mrs Fixit' when it comes to kids and husband.

I'm right around the corner of starting on a new project that will certainly require time.....Agreed - we must appreciate our better halves :D