View Full Version : Lipo and NiMH batteries

10-26-2006, 05:05 PM
Getting rid of some batteries I longer have any use for. From top to bottom in picture:

- Polyquest 3s 850mAh, 10C cont. 12C burst, 68 grams, $20

- Apogee 3s 830mAh, 10.5C cont. 14C burst, 62 grams, $20

- Polyquest 2s 1450mAh, 10C cont. 12C burst, 72 grams, $16

- 4 x 10-cell 1100mAh NiMH, 214 grams, $10 each

The bottom two are damaged, $5 each:

- Maxamps 3s 1500mAh, overheated once. Still holds full charge but good only for very low discharge (a couple amps) without swelling up. 137 grams.

- Apogee 3s 2080mAh. One cell severely damaged in crash but hasn't started on fire (and it's been two weeks now). Pack will only discharge about 12 amps now, but the two undamaged cells can be salvaged to make a 10.5C continuous (22amps) 14C burst (29amps) 2s pack. 146 grams.

Buyer pays shipping via preferred method, based on actual pack weights shown above.