View Full Version : E-Flite J3 data poster

11-02-2006, 02:06 PM
I've installed the AXI 2820/10 from my Bonnie20 and made a performance poster, similar to my other models, that I put on display while at the field.
I wondered how the AXI compared to the E-flite recommended 25BL so I did an E-Calc comparison to the E-flite 25 motor and the AXI 2820/10.

Looks like the Axi motor will work. I used a 2100mah lipo battery as that's what I have on the shelf, if I want to extend the flight time I would use another 2100 but right now I think these are pretty good times for me.
I could use a second 2100 for doubling up or just fly with one while the other is charging.

Prop 12x6 APC-E (recommended by E-Flite)

E-Flite 25BL:66 watts/lb, 326 watts, 42 ounces thrust, 8.6 minutes with 3s 2100mah lipo, Climb-out: 1,073 ft/min at 29 degrees full power

AXI2820/10:79 watts/lb, 421 watts, 43 ounces thrust, 6.9 minutes with 3s 2100mah lipo, Climb-out: 1,132ft/min at 31 degrees full throttle