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09-16-2005, 09:06 PM
Try this simple test to check out your finger control. Hold your hands out as if they were holding a transmitter. Your hands now seem to have just sliced thru the air. Now very slowly create a small circle with each thumb, one thumb at a time. Very slowly, a small circle in the air. Next do the same thing with your forefinger. Very slowly, a small circle. This is the action you use when makeing your hundreds of slight flight correction when flying. Many of you will notice that your fingers have a clicking action. A small ratcheting in the motion of your fingers. Now put your thumb and forefingers together and do the same test. As when you write they seem to work as a team and fill in for one another. Very slowly, a small circle and note that the hitches are gone. Some younger pilots won't have these small hitches, they grew up with so many game joysticks thier hands have great small motor skills, but I didn't so at just the time I need my best control I hit this set of biological glitches.
This is why I created the RcTraymanUSA.com Transmitter Tray. I've noticed that if I can rest my hands on a steady platform that allows me to think only of flying and not at all about holding my transmitter things just got simpler and better. I'm an ex AirForce, VietNam Vet. My training in Film, as a cameraman and editor, gave me a great background to look at all the needs of this tool. $60,000, a 103 page patent pending, & three years later here it is The Ultra Lite 2005 Blue Trayman Transmitter Tray. This is not a neck strap toy. It's a bench mark tool. Made in the USA, CNC machined, Anodized to mil specs, tool free and 100% adjustable for all your sweet spots, our tray is the best system you can buy.
So if you have read this far visit our web site www.RcTraymanUSA.Com (http://www.RcTraymanUSA.Com) and check out our instruction pdf to see for yourself, how well thought out our transmitter tray has been made. Give us a call at 818-982-5518 and we will be please to say hello. Remember, buying the best always puts your mind to rest.
Jeff " www.RcTraymanUSA.com (http://www.RcTraymanUSA.com) " Sandler