View Full Version : 3 engined setup on Cant Z 1007

11-09-2006, 02:28 PM
Hallo to all,

I'm building a Aviomodelli CANT.Z 1007 bis on a scale 1/11.
Normally it's propelled by 3x 7.5 cc (.46) 2 stroke engine and a 12x4 propellor (according to the manual).

I now like to converte it to electic with a 3-blade propellor of which to a normal and one is counter clockwise (just for fun). It shouldn't matter for a 3 engined plane.

I think that I also need 3 controllers for the 3 engines, but I'm planning at this moment to run all the motors from just 1 (big) battery.
I have the possibilty to use a 6s3p battery setup (22,2V 6600mah)

So I was thinking of soemthing like a AXI 4120/18
SpecificationNo. of cells16 - 20
5 - 7 Li-PolyRPM/V515 RMP/VMax. efficiency86%Max. efficiency current15 - 40 A (>82%)No load current / 10 V1,5 ACurrent capacity55 A/60 sInternal Resistance70 mohmDimensions (diameter. x lenght)49,8x55,5 mmShaft diameter6 mmWeight with cables320 gRecomended model weight2000 - 4000 gRecomended prop without gearbox16 cells (5S Li-Poly) 14"x9"
18 cells (6s Li-Poly) 13"x8"
20 cells 12"x8
I further will use 70 amp controllers.

What do you all think of this?