View Full Version : Real world what works with AXI 2208/34?

09-20-2005, 01:57 AM
I just got a nice used AXI 2208/34 and between the info on the Model Motors web site and H-L I am a bit glassy eyed and confused here.

Realistically what will this thing fly with what prop and a 2s or 3s lipo?

Dr Kiwi
09-22-2005, 01:48 PM
Brief summary - I can post some test stand data sheets if you wish: the 2208/34 is only 1080Kv so it does best on 3s.

8x4 GWS HD - ideal: 18.38oz, 37.8mph, 7.8A
9x4.7 APC SF - a bit over the rated 8A max spec: 21.40oz, 36.1mph, 11.5A
9x5 GWS HD - a bit much but perhaps okay in-flight: 20.28oz, - , 10.8A

9x5 GWS HD - under spec: 13.03oz, 30.0mph, 6.7A
10x4.7 APC SF - a bit over the top with a good 2s pack: 15.49oz, 22.3mph, 9.3A
10x6 GWS HD - ideal: 13.73oz, 31.4mph, 7.50A (at only 6.7v - a good 2s pack would get you up to ~8A)

Cheers, Phil

09-22-2005, 08:06 PM
Wow. Thanks Phil. That is some very good data. I am assuming the ounces quoted in your listings above are thrust projections?Also to further expand my query in terms of a brushed type motor with or without gearbox what would this compare to? For example, the comparision I seek would be something like this motor will fly a plane intended for a geared 280. I'm sure it's not that simple but there has to be a better guide for those of us brushless outrunner challenged!:D

Dr Kiwi
09-23-2005, 01:06 PM
These are measured thrust data from my test stand.

You'd be lucky to get 10-12oz static thrust from a geared 280, so you are way ahead. If you thrash a 5:1 geared Speed 300 you can get 12-14oz, but you need over 10A to do it, the motor gets very toasty and its life would be very short.