View Full Version : Warbirds ? Seaplanes included ?

11-27-2006, 12:13 AM
Are all the PAN AMERICAN Clippers classed as Warbirds because the were seized by the USA and forced to fly cargo and troops all during World War II ?

Same for German flying boats ?

Is this covered in any rules ?

Guesses are OK. For sures, are OK.

11-27-2006, 04:43 AM

You must mean the Boeing 312 "China Clipper"? I don't know if they count as warbirds per se, but I think the "rules" would allow them. If you want a slam dunk on this then mention the Catalina (I doubt if we could have won the early stages of the Pacific war without them- think Midway and the spotting of the Japanese carriers). Curtis Kingfishers are another Navy seaplane (launched from heavy cruisers and battleships!) of that period. There are lot more than come immediately to mind that are American, British, Allied, and the Axis. A great topic for sure!:)


11-28-2006, 04:31 AM
My 6' Martin Clipper is no go on size.

I am getting ready for a 6 engined B & V 222. I would scale it to 83" or 84" to make the size requirement.

Nice if I could make a droning flyby once in my life.

11-29-2006, 04:33 PM

Whoa doggie! That's a big bird! Post some pictures of your seaplanes- I'd like to see them. Keep the faith; you'll get them airborne yet. Just when it seems like a problem has you licked you find yourself coming up with an answer (not always the right one!;) ).


11-29-2006, 10:00 PM

I thank Dr. Kiwi for getting the flying boat juices flowing again.

He gave me some very good brushed speed 400 power and current ratings into them. I was way to low on the original input power.
I swapped out the old motors and moved the battery from 9.6 volts to 12 volts at take off only. 5 or so seconds.

The Martin can now accelerate on bare concrete. Put a strip of Vynil tape on to protect her.

Powered test flight is weeks away as I am doing house repairs.
I can do the B & V in 60" WS. with 6-400's. Definately leap off the water.

But no big bird meets.

Fully enclosed engines and some big LI-IONS should should make my blue foam wing loading of 1# / sq. ft. at 84".
At that W L I can hand launch them for getting everything right on.

I spent 1 hour trying to up load pictures once. No more of those nights.

Thanks for the Positive guidence. It really keeps me going.

My best to you, Rich.