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07-28-2005, 09:06 PM
Airtronics Stylus transmitter with AeroCard, receiver, charger, DSC cord, and all manuals. I purchased this radio to use as aback-up, but have never had a need for it. I recently aquired another, that is not in as good condition, for a back-up, so I will sell this one. This radio can be used for Airplanes, Helicopters, or Sailplanes. I am also including and extended feature card for Airplanes. If you know the Stylus radio, then nothing has to be said. If not, here is a little info:

End Point Adjustment
Centering Adjustment
Servo Reversing
Dual Rates
Alternate Setup
Trim Memory
Compensation Mixing
Switch Assignability
Voltage Display
Stopwatch / Timer
Mode Selection
PPM/FM or PCM/FM Four Model Memory
Model Setup Naming
Model Setup Reset
Model Setup Copy
Memory Card System
Plug-in RF Module
Display Switch
Direct Servo Control
Fail Safe (PCM Mode)
Low Voltage Alarm
Switch Position Alarm
Contrast Adjustment

4 Snap Roll Programs
Bi-Directional Mixing
Elevator/Flap Mixing
Flap/Elevator Mixing
Spoileron Mixing
Aileron Differential
Spoiler/Elevator Mixing
Cross Trims
Twin Throttle Option HELICOPTER FEATURES (without card!)
4 Flight Modes
4 Pitch Curves
3 Throttle Curves
Flight Mode Trim Offsets
4 Revolution Mixers
Throttle Hold
Hovering Throttle
Hovering Pitch
High Pitch Trim
Low Pitch Trim SAILPLANE FEATURES (without card!)
2A 2F E R Template
Flight Mode Switch
Elevator Presets
Aileron Differential
Landing Differential
Aileron/Rudder Mixing
Flap/Elevator Mixing
Camber/Elevator Mixing
Spoiler/Elevator Mixing
Elevator/Camber Mixing
Crow Mixing
V-Tail Mixing

The extended feature card (AERO Card)adds:
Expo for Ailerons, Elev. and Rudder
VTR for Ailerons, Elev. and Rudder
Triple Rate Aileron
Triple Rate Elevator
Dual Rate Rudder
4 Snap Roll Programs
Five Compensation Mixers, independent mix rate each direction
Programable Delays for Comp Mixers
2 Bi-Directional Mixers
Gain Control for Bi-Directional Mixer
Elevator/Flap Mixing
Flap/Elevator Mixing
Spoileron Mixing
Aileron Differential - single adjustment
Spoiler/Elevator Mixing
Elevator/Flaperon Mixing
Dual Elevator Channels/Fun Fly Mixing
Aileron/Elevator Mixing (Tailerons)
Twin Throttle Option
Throttle Hold for Twin Throttles
Cross Trims
Trim Authority Adjustment
Automatic Trim Offset
Dynamic Trim Memory
Assignable Auxillary Controls
Assignable Stick Switches
Programmable Mixing Delays
Programmable Channel Delays
Throttle Stick Position Alarm
This radio is in excellant condition. I flew it on 4th of July weekend to make sure it all worked perfect. It is on channel 38. The receiver included is a 92775 7channel PPM receiver.
Pics available on request.
Asking $300 + shipping. Insured shipping will be required.
If you do not want the Aero card, I will reduce price by $50. I will not sell the card seperate.
I may consider trades for NIB "SCALE" ARF's, kits. or engines.
Funds will requested for exact amount of transaction, so SCAMMERS need not reply.

07-28-2005, 09:54 PM
How old is the radio, IE what year was it manufactured in? Does it have digital trims? Also, please shoot me a PM and let me know what NIB scale arf, or engine you'd like to trade for.


Bill Davenport
AMA 28141

07-28-2005, 10:16 PM
I don't know how old it is. Airtronics still makes this exact unit and has for several years. No digital trims. I am open to trades, but not much interest in Aerobats.