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Old Toad
12-14-2006, 03:20 AM
This is my first kit build in over twenty years. I had forgotten how much fun it is!
I know you all will think that my set up is too small and this thing should fly like a cow - But it flies Great! It takes off in around 12 - 15 feet and it will loop from level flight. I was expecting it to fly only Cub like but was pleasently suprised. I love scale airplanes but I love flying more so since I fly alone leaving out the scale details saves alot of weight.
AUW 6lbs.7oz.
AXI 2826-10
Jeti 40 opto
4s1p Emolis [getting around 16 minutes]
Made some changes from the plans. Put servos in the wing and beefed up the landing gear mount.

12-14-2006, 03:46 AM
Very nice Ed! Looks like your covering came out perfect. Hope you get many hours of quality flying time from her. Thanks for posting!

12-14-2006, 02:34 PM
that is a beautiful bird nice job how long was the build??

Old Toad
12-14-2006, 03:12 PM
Only two months. I couldn't stop. Didn't want to sleep or go to work just keep on building.

12-14-2006, 04:01 PM
Beautiful plane Ed. Very nicely done.

12-15-2006, 05:18 PM
Nice job - very unusual finish :)

I'd reckon you've done good on the drivetrain selection. Couple of years back, I test flew one from this kit for a clubmate. He'd built it right out the box, strapped a huge lump of Astro 25G cobalt into the glow engine mount with a pair of hose clamps, glued an acreage of 1/8" ply into the fuselage floor and Velcro'd a 16 x 2400 Nicad to it.

Glad I didn't know the weight - but I let him carry it around after picking it up once! Still flew fine, but it only had one speed, thanks to the wing loading - and that was way above Cub-like. I never dared to stall the thing and landing took a lot of planning due to being done at very little under 'cruising' speed.

Yours sounds much better mannered. You can't beat a Cub! I've had three - but the only yellow one was the 16" span profile NoCal rubber powered FF bird. My GP E-Cub and the Sig 1/6th clipwing were red, white and blue, my 1/5th Sig - and if you want a real good J3 Cub kit, that's got to be it - was blue and yellow with USAF stars on the wings.

Yes - all scale too!

Enjoy your baby bear



01-06-2007, 01:19 AM
Hi! I am also an "Old Toad" (72yrs old) and don't like to take the time to build kits anymore so I built the Great Planes 81" Cloth Covered ARF.

I still had about 20 - 25 hrs in the build of this great ARF because it was only built and covered but didn't have any details finished other than the pre-built wing struts.

After installing the tail feathers I had to install the control rod tubes, cut the control rods to length, solder on some metal clevis's.

Like most ARF's, I had to install the control surface hinges, glue the wing together. glue in windows and install all servo's and electronics.

I am exclusively electric so I installed:

E-Flight Power 46 outrunner motor
Jeti 75A advanced Opti ESC
Spektrum AR6000 receiver from my Spektrum DR6 system
2 2100 mAh 3s 15C 11.1V batteries in parallel for a total of 4200 mAh at 11.1V
All-up weight is 7lbs 9oz

I am using an APC 13X8 E prop because that was the largest I had in my stock of props. I intend to try flying it on a 14X7 prop as soon as I can find one at my LHS. This should give me more thrust for climbing out after takeoff.

I maidened it on Thursday Dec 28, 06 with some help of more experienced flyers at our club field.

Today I took it to our city park where we have a 40-45 acre field that the city lets us fly over with almost exclusive use. Just a couple weeks in May when they use it for about 10-12 soccer fields for a state soccer meet.

I did my first total flight without help and it was beautiful. It had been raining most of the day and only a couple of flyers were there. Dead calm air, not even a puff of wind.

On takeoff run I just put in a small amount of rudder correction and the tail came up in about 4ft and the plane just raised up and flew scale like at about 10ft.:)

Flew around for about 7-10 min and made 3 trial landing passes before I finally had it lined up on the runway and touched down with a small bounce and then landed very scale like.:D

I love the combination of the plane and power train, it is just perfect for a J3 Cub to fly scale-like.:D