View Full Version : New use for extra parts

12-18-2006, 04:08 AM
My wife is really getting into aquariums and yesterday our boys made us open the present from them, a 29 gal. setup, our 4th and largest tank. So yesterday was spent building a stand to hold both the established 10 gal. and the new 29 but that's another story.

Mrs. Forestcam likes live plants so she's been researching CO2 injection systems. The first one we saw was at the pet store and at $50 I almost fell over when I looked inside the kit to find a plastic bottle, little packets of yeast, some hose and a diffuser! :eek: My immediate response was "I can make this out of a pop bottle!"

After some research I found that folks reccomend you drill a hole in the cap and silicone in a tubing connector, well seeing as I don't have any aquarium silicone a light went off and I thought of my P-38 kit. I dug through the box and there they were, the fuel tank bungs. After a couple of minutes with the dremmel making a hole in the caps they fit perfectly!

Now if I was really smart I'd get into home brewing and syphon off the CO2 from a 6 gallon carbouy of beer! :D