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Joe Casey
12-20-2006, 07:29 PM
I am interested in knowing if anybody has had any good luck by taking a Pylon racing ship (ie F5B) and replacing the wing with a high performance thermal wing?. I love to go fast, but in the winter I go to Florida, and have had a lot of fun (with an old 2 meter electric sailplane) flying formation with the turkey buzzards. Will this idea work? I have no experience with hot racing electric, but I have raced Giant Scale.

TIA Joe Casey

Jason T
12-21-2006, 02:38 AM

Welcome to Wattflyer!

Do you have an exsting model you are wanting to this with or are you looking for a new model that would work well for both?

Joe Casey
12-21-2006, 03:30 AM
I am just entering the electric world... (I'm an old time giant scale gasser), but our flying field is being crowded by civilization, and seems like electric will still work for a while... I raced for a few years, and love to go fast, but I also want to thermal.
But to answer your question I have done nothing but scan the net, to try to figure out what is out there, and am overwhelmed by the amount of variety of ships to choose from, and would like to talk to someone who has already done what I want to do...
To keep the costs down, it seems like the speed 400 size is probably where I will start, but there are tons of go fast (little speed 400) race planes out there, and so I would like some good advice from someone who has experience with figuring out the right size, weight, motor, batt combo, etc.
To get to the issue, after you have a "fine tuned" little hot rod, do you think a thermaling airfoil would work on a small fuselage, (light weight) ship like this?
Any info would be appreciated.... Joe Casey

Sky Sharkster
12-21-2006, 01:44 PM
Hello Joe, Welcome to Wattflyer! There are several models that come to mind which will both glide and thermal well, and are capable of going fast enough to satisfy your urge to rip around. In fact most true "Hotliners" will glide OK but I believe you're looking for something a little smaller and lighter. This will allow you to use a Speed 400-sized brushless motor instead of the larger (heavier, more expensive) Hotliner-sized power system.
These models will range from 1 meter to 1-1/2 meters in span, 18-24 ounces RTF. To be able to stand up to the speeds they are mostly composite, sheeted foam wings, C/F fuselage. Price range will be $150-$250, but you can spend much more.
As far as airfoils for both types of flying, the modern computer-designed sections have a speed "window" that will be fine in either regime; I don't see any benefit to using two different wings.
One of my favorites is the Filip 400RG from NESail;
Also in the 1-1/2 meter size is the Scorpion from Esprit;
In the 1 meter size, the Sunracer from Soaring USA;
And the Denon from Esprit;
Just about all these could be powered by the NEU 1100 series brushless motors, the Hacker B20 with Maxon G/B, MEGA 16/15 (these are all "inrunners") or any number of small outrunners.
An 8 cell NiMH of about 1500mAh or a 3S LiPoly around 2000mAh (15C constant or better) should provide the electrons. Prop size will be determined by the winding and/or gearing of the motor used, the motors mentioned will provide suggestions for this. Here's a free "Moto-Calc" that will help;
Here's links for the motors;
You're sure to get some other suggestions, Good Luck!

Joe Casey
12-22-2006, 04:31 AM
Thanks Skysharkster,
there is a lot of good info there, will pour over it and make some calls to see whats available.... Joe Casey

Jason T
12-22-2006, 04:42 AM
What Ron said. :)