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01-02-2007, 04:14 PM
Background: This was my first RC plane that sat on a shelf for nearly 15 years following 2 unsuccessful attempts at flying. (significant repairs including a new fuse following the second crash)

Conditions: Nearly calm / 25 F / Early morning

Setup: Stock 550 motor / 2100 MAH 7 cell nicad / 8x4 folding prop (power system broken in very carefully)

Did a range test and then decided to do a hand launch to check trim. Hard level toss, nose popped up a bit and I pushed it down and glided about 80 feet to a soft flared landing. Added two clicks of down elevator.

Full power - plane flew straight forward not losing any altitude, built up some speed and then the nose started rising up quickly. Then it seemed to slow down and looked like it was beginning to hang/stall so I pushed the nose down and landed straight ahead. No damage.

Added two more clicks down elevator and launched the plane level with a firm toss. Plane built up speed and began a shallow climb out without the nose popping up. Field was a bit small so I began a gentle turn with the plane 50-60' off the ground. Was actually surprised how fast the plane was flying while gaining altitude. (Was expecting it to fly slower than the other planes I had been flying including the Challenger / Freedom / Ventura) Seems like the wing is more efficient at higher speed / lower angle of attack.

With stock power you definitely have to fly the plane up to altitude but I had no trouble getting it up to ~250' and then powered down to ~50% to maintain altitude. The only surprise was how fast it would accelerate and how much ground it would cover when the nose was pushed down. Very wide range of speed - easy to control. Should be flown in a bigger field.

Landing was uneventful but I misjudged where I was going to land by about 200 feet! (combination of too much speed and good glide characteristic) The only damage was a cut in the covering on the wing and some scrapes on the fuse from the belly landing on a rough area of the field.

SUMMARY - No surprise that I was unsuccessful flying this plane the first time around in 15 mph winds. I was also attempting to fly it on a 6 cell pack. Bad combination for a new pilot.

Plane is underpowered but can be flown to a comfortable altitude with a gentle 10-15 degree climb out. Anything steeper and the plane slows down and hangs on the verge of stalling without gaining altitude.

Once above 100' I did not notice or care much about the lack of power - I was just enjoying the plane and there was adequate power to keep it aloft. In spite of the speed it was surprisingly stable, easy to control probably due to the dihedral / tapered wings.

Probably not going to attempt any power modifications at this time. Plane seems a bit large/fast for the school field where I usually fly (300' x 400') last thing I want to do is get some neighbor / school official nervous because of the large size. Not really a "park flier."

Was just fun to fly it after collecting dust for so many years.


04-13-2009, 02:03 PM
Couple flights since then.

Changed to a computer radio and am also running 3S 2000MAH LIPO for more power and a weight savings of 6 ounces. (Not running it at full power but use the extra power when initially climbing out.)

Much better climb but it still feels like a lumbering hulk compared to my other pod/boom planes. Looking at other weight reduction including smaller servos and smaller receiver. 550 can motor weights in at a whopping 8 oz is a prime candidate for weight reduction but it will be a challenge to balance the plane with a lighter BL motor.

I picked up a Parkzone Radian that I have yet to maiden so I may give weight reduction a break and go have some fun with the Radian that weighs in at a svelte 30 ounces. (compared to the 50 ounces of the Electrasoar)


04-13-2009, 04:57 PM
Tower EP ARF 2M Electric Glider design looks identical to my plane including original 53 OZ AUW.