View Full Version : First major crashes (pics!)

09-28-2005, 05:09 AM
So as you may know, I recently picked up a firebird ii from my LHS. I opted for it because it was really cheap, and didnt come with the anti-crash autopilot software, and I wanted to learn the hard way (afterwards I found out you can turn it off).

I have had a few big crashes lately, here are some pics, as well as some things I learned:

Do not hold the rudder one way too long, the drop in speed is too much

Read the manual (the video did not mention the above, the manual did. I had just skimmed it, not in depth reading)

When all else fails, let go of everything and let the plane right itself (I doubt this works for anything more advanced though)

The damage:

Wing chipped for a second time, but that doesnt matter because it also broke right in half

Fuselage nose crumpled (gives a nice, "broken in" effect)

Canopy battery door gone (black duct tape is more hardcore anyways)

Shaft to wrap wing rubber bands on broken (nothing a little glue cant fix)

Ego shattered

More noobness gone

on with the pix! (note, theyre about 165 kb each)
http://www.supload.com/thumbs/default/45694253.jpg (http://www.supload.com/free/45694253.jpg/view/)
http://www.supload.com/thumbs/default/8330406.jpg (http://www.supload.com/free/8330406.jpg/view/)
http://www.supload.com/thumbs/default/22740388.jpg (http://www.supload.com/free/22740388.jpg/view/)
http://www.supload.com/thumbs/default/57385117.jpg (http://www.supload.com/free/57385117.jpg/view/)