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01-08-2007, 03:54 AM
co-axial and contra-rotating on the single shaft. This torque canceling design makes Co-Co Lama stable and flyable on your very first flight. Even a complete newcomer to helicopter flying can fly this at once. The helicopter is 14-1/4 long and weighs 7-3/4 oz. Co-Co Lama is complete and ready to fly and includes a 4 channel 72 mHz FM transmitter, a 4-in-one mixer/controller (electronic gyro, mixer, motor controller, receiver), two motors, two servos, 7.4V, 800 mAh Lithium battery and Lithium battery charger. Charge the flight battery, install 8 AA batteries (not included) in the transmitter and fly it.

Even though it rarely breaks in crashes, Co-Co Lama comes with a complete spare set of main blades, and we stock spare parts and aluminum upgrade parts. Instruction booklet provides some helpful tips about the basics of radio-controlled helicopter flying.

Co-Co Lama is not a flimsy toy -- it is an extremely well-built and well-designed radio controlled model helicopter. The 72 mHz radio, the motors, and servos are hobby quality products that will provide many hours of service. If you ever wanted to fly a micro electric helicopter but were put off by the difficulty of flying a helicopter, Co-Co Lama is for you.

only been flown a few times

in the front yard

20 mins of flight time

in good condition

Price is $90.00

shipping is only $12.00 USA


01-25-2007, 04:43 AM
All in all its not that bad,the gyro is a bit off expecially when blades are not balanced,or tracking is out-The model(v3)with seperate rx/mixing board are slightly better on the gyro -Do not input aggresive movment on the controls or the bottom blades will thouch the top,resulting-blades need to be replaced,(you can use walkera#5 parts which are the same)theTwister Bell 47 has much better gyro,but an infirior head!(these co-axil heli fly like hanging pigs!)-they make good trainers for nose in,side to side flying,figure of 8..etc- flying time is 7-8min with its li-po.