View Full Version : maidened my combat corsiar yesterday

01-08-2007, 07:18 PM
Well I finnally maidened my great planes combat corsair yesterday. Just needed a little down elevator and left trim. Flies like a bat out of hell. Barely used full throttle. Had my brother launch it first then I did it myself for the second flight. Climbs out perfectly. Glad I used the power setup that i saw some others use on Wattflyer which is:

Axi 2820-10
E-max 60amp speed controller
Max Amps 4000 mah battey
10x6 electric prop

The only problem I had was on the second landing I stripped the HS-81 servo. I dont know why i didnt go with MG. I was just going to buy a gear set but they cost almost as much as the whole servo. So I am going to buy two mg's and buy plastic gears for the stripped one and put those in something else. This is a great plane to add to my electric fleet.