View Full Version : It Only Needs Wings

01-09-2007, 11:49 PM
Been too wet and windy here for much flying so I needed other things to amuse myself. I picked up the the new Traxxas Stampede and now no dog, cat or squirrel is safe. My old Stampede has a Novak brushless and hits speeds close to 40mph but was rather fragile and broke something after almost every use. The new improved Stampede hits around 30mph on a 7 cell with the beefy stock 12T 550 motor and is very stable unlike the old one.

I have only run a few packs through it so far but I have to say its a big improvement over the old one. It was very impressive on a 6 cell but when a 7 cell is used the thing comes alive with enough power to wheelie. :D
At the park is has enough speed to keep ahead of the dogs chasing it and turns much sharper than they can, I wore out 3 dogs yesterday before my battery died.

I went with Traxxas again because its easy to work on and parts are at every hobby store around here to keep it running. Heres a few pics before it got covered in mud. The first 2 is the new version and the last 4 are of the older model.