View Full Version : Loose Elevator Linkage

01-10-2007, 08:39 PM
Last outing of the season, flying my ultimate biplane , flying excellent , doing hard g's , rolls etc. Out over the trees on a left bank turn , something doesnt feel right , wont turn ? After what seems like forever the plane finally returns to the field , thats when I realized I had no elevator !!!!!!! Now its in a left turn on the opposite side of the field and losing altitude quickly. The plane is basically heading towards the landing pad and the tree line on the opposite end of the landing area , flying to fast . Quick decision , dump it in the weeds or dump it in the trees ? Took the weeds , plane hit hard rolled 3 times , broke the motor out , knocked the wings off , even tore the tail off .
Broke my own rule always check linkages , turns out the elevator linkage came loose after the hard g's had no way to control altitude , tried with throttle but just gained speed !
Now I have a new winter project ...... build another one .

Nice thing about foam , electronics and motors always survive , order another one from tower and start over . Total cost to rebuild $60.00
not bad for a new plane .

05-05-2007, 03:18 AM
Had the same problem with my EZStar on Tuesday. Had a great first battery pack, landed, put in the second, started off great, then all-of-a-sudden, plane goes straight up, straight down, straight up, then turns straight down headed for me! I realize I have no elevator control, cut throttle, and she noses in. Breaks the fuse just fore of the rudder, clean thru.

Get her home, start to disconnect the pushrods, and the elevator is already disconnected. Apparently, some stupid pilot musta forgotten a little thing called LocTite. Dang newbies. :)

Anyway, some CA and packing tape and she seems ready to fly again. But yeesh, I was having such a great first flight for that evening......