View Full Version : 3 Week old Blade CP Pro--TONS OF EXTRAS

01-22-2007, 03:32 AM
I bought a blade cp pro to use to fly indoors, and to learn a little bit on how to fly. I feel like I have gotten extremely good, but am needing to sell this heli to fund another project. Wife said, once I can fly this, I can sell it, to buy another and so on...So, this time has come..
This is whats up for sale

Blade CP PRO, with 1 lipo battery, and radio, and charger, with original body-249.00
Extra 800Mah Lipo battery-37.00
1 NIP flat bottom blades-15.99
1 NIP symetrical blades-17.99
Lipo balancer charger-19.99
Homemade CF crash kit-10.00
NIP tail motor-9.99
NIP tail gear-3.99
NIP main shaft-5.99
NIP landing gear 4.99
NIP main blade grip set-7.99
NIP swashplate-7.99
NIP X2 flybar-2.99
NIP flybar holder-4.99
NIP hardware kit-3.99
Brand new WingTote helicopter carrier-49.99

This totals 450.00 dollars, I will sell it all for 350.00 obo and that is shipped
If you want the carbon filber tail and main rotor blades, that will be an extra 40.00 bucks...They are both new in package, but I have a few people locally interested in these, so, if you are interested, let me know.
You can email me, or call me at 317-408-9348 Thanks again everyone..
This heli will come completely ready to fly, with PLENTY of parts for you to learn on..This will save you about 150 bucks, and trust me, you will need a lot of parts when you are learning to fly. This is in extremely good condition, with no noticable damage. Anything that has been damaged during flight, has been replaced. I buy all the eflite parts, because they are becoming quite hard to find.
I might be interested in trading with a little cash in order to get a Trex 450. So, please ask

Optional-for an extra 40.00 dollars
NIP Carbon Fiber blades-29.99
NIP Carbon Fiber tail fin-12.99

01-22-2007, 04:06 AM
please send any reasonable offers to me, and we can go from there. I will also send anything else that I happen to find laying around, that might get you started. This will also come with the 8 AA batteries for the RX, this is on Channel 54..

01-23-2007, 03:12 PM
I just dropped the price even more....350 for all of this...OVER 100 SAVED ...Anyone interested. I found myself a few good deals, but must sell this bird before I can get another. If anyone knows any anything that would make them want this anymore, please PM and let me know, and I will see if I can sweeten the pot for you.

I am also interested in TREX 450 if anyone has one available!

02-10-2007, 09:09 PM
I'm interested. I would like to see photos if available.


02-10-2007, 11:05 PM
Okay, I am attaching the most recent pictures. Things have changed a little since I listed. The price is now 425, but now comes with a lot more stuff. I have a 3rd battery pack, just bought yesterday. I have the upgraded superskids landing gear. I have still have the original, and the ones in the package for you. I am now using the CF Mainblades, which you will get, they are in perfect condition, never wrecked. You will also get a brand new in the package flat bottom blades. I have the charger, and the wall charger. I have 5 used, but bent back to original form main shafts. They were bent, but I ran them through a vice, and reuse them. I have the flybars, brand new front servo that I installed Thursday night. Brand new tail motor installed, brand new main motor installed about 1 week ago, about 7-10 flights on each. Brand new tail fin, with an extra in the box. You get the wingtote carrying case. You get the radio of course. You get the brand new blade grips, you get the brand new swashplate, and anything else that I have for this thing. I am sure I am leaving somthing out.
The reason the price went up, is because the 40.00 battery, and the 30.00 landing gear. Let me know if you don't want them, and I might be able to work something out, but am sticking with 425.00 firm at this point.
by the way, sorry for the blurry pictures, battery in my camera was starting to die. Also, the reason I have so many main shafts, is not because I crash all the time, but because these are from me and my friend together. Just thought of how bad that might have looked.

Let me know if still interested, you can call me if you would like to talk at 317 408-9348.

Thanks, Corey