View Full Version : WTS DraganFly V with wireless video camera package

01-27-2007, 04:57 AM
It's the Draganfly V with Eyecam package from Draganfly Innovations.

Check it out at www.rctoys.com

Bought it for $899 a few months ago and flew it around the house, took it outside and crashed it on it's first flight. Broke a rotor or something cause it flies funny now. RC Heli's aren't for me, I dont have the concentration or mental coordination. Pick it up for $450 before I creant an eBay account and try it there.

Check out www.rctoys.com for technical info and videos. I have a digi camera and even have a few videos of my flying it on myspace, if your interested lemme know at:

[email protected]
this forum

I listed those in order of how often I check, myspace everyday, email once a week, this forum once every few weeks.