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02-02-2007, 07:52 AM
I ahve a full Blinged out 36. Thsi heli is in GREAT condition and has seen very little flights. I have the folowing for sale.

Walkera 36 Barebones kit 100.00
Walkera 36 metal tail blade grips 10.00
walkera 36 metal tail holder 10.00
walkera 36 metal tail gear with shaft 8.00
walkera 36 metal Tail pitch slider 8.00
walkera 36 metal main blade controling set 15.00
walkera metal swashplate 25.00
walkera metal head assemblywith blade Grips 50.00
Walkera outrunner Bruhsless motor 3500 KV 30.00
Walkera 1500 mAh li-po battery 30.00
Walkera 36 Carbonfiber Blades 45.00
T-Rex Tail boom 5.00
T-Rex Tail Fins 5.00
T-Rex canopy modified to fit 10.00

This is over 340.00 all new and i will sell for 235.00 shipped this is a killer deal and a great bang for your buck..

Requires :

Brushless Esc
Li-Po Charger
4 9g Servos
Gyro for 400 heli
6 channel Tx for helis
6 channel Rx

I will only take paypal or money order..

Here are pics.. NOTE the electronics shown ARE NOT INCLUDED.

Thank you

Mike Parsons
02-06-2007, 05:48 AM
Closed until further notice.