View Full Version : hdx450 FSEV4 Custom anodized

02-04-2007, 02:51 AM
This is an hdx 450fse v4 with silver frame, and what makes it unique is the custom anodizing performed by jappa. The metal is a mixture of Chrome and gun-metal gray that really looks great! The helis has full AL head and tail assemblies.

The heli has been crashed 2 times one of which resulted in one of the OEM landing struts breaking the other bent the the AL landing gear (a little). After trying to jb weld it I made some dowels to fit between the frame and allow for traditional landing gear to fit it. It isn't the prettiest job, but someone could make it a little better. I only made it functional not fashionable. I was told by helidirect that they will be getting the OEM landing struts at some point, but when was not clarified.

Included is the airframe only!
requires: rx,tx,motor,esc, servos, gyros, canopy, and main blades to fly.
It will also require a little tinkering to fly to your liking, and it is sold as is

condition: fair/battle tested
$225 shipped OBO
http://www.helidirect.com/product_i...roducts_id=2162 (http://www.helidirect.com/product_info.php?products_id=2162)

here's a link to a thread where I describe the modification for the LG: