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New, Ultra-Light, Easy-to-Fly Machine Brings R/C Flight Into Your Home:
Every Flat Surface Becomes a Runway

HONG KONG – Spring 2007 – Flying into the future, WowWee Ltd. revolutionizes indoor flight with their new line of Flytech™ aeronautical products. Under the new brand, WowWee will launch the Flytech Dragonfly, the world’s first radio-controlled flying insect, this spring.
Harnessing the power of nature, the Flytech Dragonfly is no ordinary RC flyer. With its unique flying action, dual-wing design and 2 channel digital proportional remote control, the dragonfly flutters, soars, dive-bombs and glides.
Modeled after earth’s fastest insect, the Flytech Dragonfly is a futuristic bug characterized by multifaceted LED eyes, two pairs of fluttering wings, a powerful tailrotor and an elongated body that fits in the palm of your hand.

Flytech Dragonfly has a wing span of approximately 16 inches and reaches speeds of up to 18 mph. Controlled by remote with a recommended range of up to 50 feet, the Flytech Dragonfly revolutionizes indoor flight with the ability to take off and land from a flat surface and maneuver in tight spaces.
The dragonfly is fun and easy-to-operate. For a simple charge, connect the dragonfly to the magnetic perch on the remote control. Flytech Dragonfly recharges from the controller. The typical charge takes approximately 20 minutes and provides up to ten minutes of continuous flying time. Once fully charged your Flytech Dragonfly is now ready to tear through the air.
Depending on your skill level there are two modes: beginner or expert. The beginner mode allows for more gentle turns and the opportunity to become comfortable with Flytech Dragonfly’s capabilities. Expert mode enables faster and sharper movements like spiraling and quick continuous circles. The more you play with the dragonfly, the more skilled a stunt pilot you’ll become.
No runway is necessary! Launch Flytech Dragonfly from your hand like a paper airplane, by holding it parallel to the ground and gently pushing forward for lift off. The dragonfly can also takeoff from the ground - simply place it on a smooth and flat surface that is long enough for takeoff.
Once in motion, watch as this complex and fascinating creature zips and swoops while flapping its wings like a real insect. Control the speed, direction and height of the dragonfly by pushing the power and direction toggle sticks on the remote. To adjust the line of flight, simply use the trim dial on the controller which directly determines the rotor speed.

The Flytech Dragonfly is equipped with LED eyes that will alert you to his status by blinking, pulsing or shining bright and clear. For example, if the controller is off when you turn on the dragonfly, his eyes will blink. When the battery power is running low, the eyes will begin to dim. The remote control contains an LED indicator that will go to “sleep” if left idle for more than one minute.
FlyTech Dragonfly’s durable carbon-fiber structure can absorb impact while his flexible body and wings are able to take a fair amount of punishment. His light weight design makes it safe and ideal for indoor use. When flying in especially small spaces or honing your flying skills, you can use the tail ribbon (included) which helps to restrict flying speed.
The Flytech Dragonfly requires six AA batteries (not included). Flytech Dragonfly also comes with a pair of spare wings, spare propeller, detachable antenna, remote controller and tail ribbon.
The Flytech Dragonfly (ages 8 and up) will be available in two frequencies, 27 and 49 MHz. nationwide this spring for an approximate retail price of $49.99. Catch the buzz early as Flytech Dragonfly launches exclusively this March at Radio Shack®.


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Read my forum. LOVE THIS ORNITHOPTER!!!!