View Full Version : Virginia F5B contest

Jason T
10-06-2005, 06:34 PM
I went to the Virginia NVRC (http://www.1nvrc.com/) F5B contest last weekend. I had a blast as it was my first official F5B competition. I also took some videos of the distance task. These models were pushing 200+ amps. That's right, over 200. :D Two of them are 16 cell models and the other is a 10 cell model.

Here is a website (http://f5b.co.uk/rules.htm) with the rules and description of the competition.

16 cell Avionik F5B (http://atltaylor.com/NVRC/NVRC-Don-Saturday.wmv)
10 cell Avionik F5F (http://atltaylor.com/NVRC/NVRC-Russ-Sunday.wmv)
16 cell Rocketworm (http://atltaylor.com/NVRC/NVRC-Trevor-Saturday.wmv)