View Full Version : For Sale - Like New Hirobo Lama SkyRobo Co-Ax Micro Heli.

02-08-2007, 01:46 AM
I have this very nice, absolutely perfect, like new Hirobo Lama. This is the best quality micro of all the small coax birds.

This has had three flights on it and was trimmed by an experienced Lama pilot. As for me I just can't get the hang of the bloody thing. So after ruining one set of blades I decided to pack it all in.

My loss is your bonanza. I paid almost $300 for this at my LHS. My price here today is $210 shipped CONUS.

This is the complete setup as comes in the box. The only thing missing is the one set of blades I roached. There are two extra sets of new blades. Includes the transmitter on channel 42, battery charger, battery, heli, blade balancer and some other bits. Also includes new sealed manual set and original packaging.

Price is FIRM. I'll hang on and try it some other time for any less money.

Thanks for looking.