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02-13-2007, 05:34 AM
We have several T9s in our local group and some work ok, but a couple of them won't recognize a 2 cell lipo after having a 3 cell connected. Is this something that can be reset some way? I just bought a T9 for a new plane at E-Fest in Champaign Il. I don't use any 3 cell packs on my foamies, but if there is some way to fix this I would like to pass on the info. I have been flying a Phoenix 10 for over a year and it has been flawless. I have built some small 3D planes that the T9 is perfect for, with the E-flite 250 motor. It is the lightest combo that I have found and would like to use the T9 in them in the future. Hope you can help us on this.
Thanks, Dan Powers aka--Funnysticks = mode 1 flyer = oldtimer

Joe Ford
02-15-2007, 02:54 AM
Dan...unfortunately there's no way to re-calibrate them...we can do it for you (and your flying buddies) free of charge if you send them in though. :) Is yours doing this fresh out of the package? If so, give us a call in tech support and we'll get you fixed up.

02-15-2007, 05:29 AM
Joe, Thanks for the reply. I will pass the info along to the users with the problem. I think that one of them was pretty much first time it was used the problem came up the first time a 3cell lipo was connected and then it would not recognize a 2 cell pack after that. The T9s that are working OK are doing a good job. Thanks for the posts here, it tells me that you do care about the products, and are willing to help us with our problems no matter what the cause. I know that most of my own problems are caused by that nut on the sticks. I have been flying R/C since the late 50s and we are using the most reliable equipment that has ever been produced.
I just bought a new T9 and installed it today and it works fine.
Thanks again, Dan

Joe Ford
03-01-2007, 03:47 AM
Sorry for the delayed response...things have been NUTS lately. Glad to hear the new ESC is working well for you...things have definitely become more reliable...especially in the last few years. Ahhh...I love technology.