View Full Version : F/S Walkera Dragonfly No.5 RC Helicopter Gen 2

10-10-2005, 09:53 AM
For Sale

USED (5-6 flights) Dragonfly No.5 RC Helicopter Generation 2

On CH 50 - 72.790

Had a couple of hard landings with it, but skids are OK and had to replace both motors after trying a 3S lipo :D 2 flights on new motors

New cockpit and tail were installed because of my hard landings. The tail has no tail rotor, somehow it got lost. It has no effect on performance anyway cause it's there just for looks.

It uses 8 x AA cells for TX it's connected within the TX battery bay via JST connector or can be used with a any 2S lipo that fits this compartment and uses a JST plug (TX lipo not included)

The TX has a Battery bay cover missing (its around here somewhere and if/when I find it I will send it to you)

The original Heli battery bay trap door was thrown away in favor of quicker rubber band hold down.

The main reason I want to sell it that even though its supposed to be easy to fly I had trouble with timing it out.

Maybe you can get it tuned.

Comes with a set of brand new blades and a brand new 700mh lipo in addition to the slightly used lipo already mounted.
Also a new rod end P/N XST008 is included

No charger

Old tail is also included as it can be salvaged

Fuselage length:430mm
Flying weight:208g
Gear rate:8.625:1
Motor:180SH x 2
radio control:4ch 72.790Mhz FM (CH 50)
2 servos

Asking: $110 shipped

Best Wishes,


10-22-2005, 07:04 AM
$100 shipped