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Sky Sharkster
10-10-2005, 03:22 PM
Hi Marc, great job so far! The site is getting better all the time. I have a suggestion for a Forum category, don't know how popular this is nationally but in District 9 there's a lot of interest in E-Conversions to "Old Timers", "Nostalgia" and "Vintage" designs. I've seen references in "Glow to Electric", "Builders Tips", "Park Flyers" and other Forums so maybe it would warrant a separate Forum?
Rules; www.vintagercsociety.org (http://www.vintagercsociety.org)
www.electricaircraft.org/2003rules.htm (http://www.electricaircraft.org/2003rules.htm)
www.antiquemodeler.org (http://www.antiquemodeler.org)
Links; Most are "short" kits, a few full kits, and some plans for the few "scratch" builders out there. No ARFS!
www.earlyrcmodels.com (http://www.earlyrcmodels.com)
www.classicaircraftmodels.com (http://www.classicaircraftmodels.com)
The AMA has a plans service, www.modelaircraft.org (http://www.modelaircraft.org)
There are also "full" kits from "Micro Mark", a company named "R/N models" (Out of production but available from time to time on eBay) and a couple of others. eBay is a good source for "origional" kits, I've seen DeBolt, Berkley, Veco, Jasco, Top Flite, Comet and other "oldies" but the prices are off the scale, the "Replica" providers listed are pretty reasonable and with laser cutting, modern techniques and clean plans may be a better buy. Anyway, it's great fun to see these models fly with quiet power and they will float forever! Thanks again for the BEST Electric site, Ron

10-11-2005, 03:38 AM
Wow what a great set of links to some really great old-timer planes! Thanks man.

How about a poll to gauge interest in the topic? :cool: