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03-04-2007, 01:24 PM
Was flying my MUS stick this morning having a good time, only my third flight on it, finially a day with no wind so I could trim it out. Then I had fun doing loops, rolls etc. Flight went great. Then the landing came, on my first attempt I was coming in too fast so I throttled up and took another pass this time getting a little bit further away, well too far away as I made my turn I heard a loud cracking noise then saw the plane vanish, sure enough I hit a tree. I figured oh must have gotten stuck in the tree no problem going to be windy later it will come right down. I walk over to investigate and I see just the fuselauge sticking in the ground straight up.

The wing got torn off the plane mounts and all and I had to get it out of the tree and was cracked in a few places, the fuselauge had multiple breaks in it including ripping off everything infront of the two servo mounts in the proccess, and destroying a new receiver by ripping off the antenna, and the tail was completely broken on one side. Its cheaper to eventually buy a new one the order the parts needed to repair, and rebuilding the fuse might be possible but I doubt it.

Don Sims
03-04-2007, 01:52 PM
The receiver is repairable, just soldier the antenna back in. Those dang blasted plane trees should be turned into paper...

03-04-2007, 02:08 PM
If you have the money to buy a new one, get it so you can keep flying, but don't trash the old one. Put it in a bag and leave it for a couple of weeks. Then put it on the table and look it over. Here is what you will see:

Take photos of the wreck. Lay it out as best you can so that it looks like a plane and we can see the damage areas. Tehn post the photos here.

I am sure it isn't as bad as it looks. You can probably piece most of it back together with glue and perhaps a few pieces of balsa or ply. So give it a try and learn about fixing. If it is junk, you can't hurt it but if it can be saved, you have two planes and you learned valuable lessons on repair. ;)

Photo the receiver, then open the receiver and see where the antenna attaches. Maybe someone will post a photo to show you the attachment point. Try soldering it. What is the worst that could happen. It doesn't work? You consider it junk now. Use it as a learning experience.

Photograph the whole process and post it here so others can learn from your experience. Be the MUS wizard!

Every flight is a learning experience.

Every crash is a learning experience.

Don't throw the lesson away!

All you MUS flyers, jump in here and help this guy!