View Full Version : A Quail - a Hawk- and an MUS in the same air space

03-05-2007, 07:32 AM
A beautiful day, fresh powder snow, blue sky, billowy clouds and me out there enjoying the fresh air, minding my own business, shooting some touch n’ goes on that new snow. Ahh, life is grand.

Then I heard the quail coming in behind me to get their feed in the bushes in the front yard. Thought it was a little strange cause they usually don’t come in if I’m in the vicinity. Especially if there is a pretty large bird like thing flying around in the area also, making approaches to the ground like it was attacking something.

Anyway, I chose to ignore them and concentrated on shooting the touch ‘n goes for a while longer. When the noise behind me suddenly picked up some more, I thought it was just more quail coming in.

I was on my final landing approach, about 15’ in the air, power off, nice glide, lined up just right, about 10 seconds to touchdown…………. When all of a sudden,a ruckus behind me, and a quail screams by me making noise I had never heard from a quail before……… with a hawk right on his tail! I think the quail was trying to use me as a screen and scrape that hawk off. Didn’t work!

Then they flew right between me and my plane on final, and of course, my eyes naturally followed them for about 2 more seconds before I remembered that I had a plane about to land. It didn’t!

As I recall, in kind of a slow motion video sort of thing, I see that the left wing has stalled and the wing tip and left snow skid are about to make contact with the snow, in a steep nose down attitude. The next instant, an explosion of sorts, wing tearing off, small balsa pieces flying in various directions, snow skids at a strange angle, etc.

The result: landing gear support ripped out of fuselage, broken snow skid cross member dowel, wing support ripped out of the fuselage, various other fractures through out the front half of the fuselage, and of course ripping of the covering in various places. Only damage to the wing was a one inch rip in the planking from the stress put on one of the servo extensions before it let loose. I had made a plastic doubler to put under the washers for the wing mounting. Think that saved the wing, but was strong enough that it ripped the mount out of the fuselage. I had also put some bracing in the fuse behind the wing for more support for the snow skids.

Now, I don’t know if there were any winners in this, certainly not me. I don’t know if the quail made it to the safety of the bull pines he was heading for, or if the hawk had quail under glass for lunch. I do know that if I’m out flying and I hear a ruckus behind me, I’m either climbing for the skies, or setting it down immediately, with total concentration.

But like the Phoenix, it shall soon rise from the ashes and climb for the skies once again.

Got to work on it so fast that I forgot to take some pics of the damage.

03-06-2007, 12:32 AM
Heh. At least that hawk got lunch!

What are you using for a power plant on the MUS?

03-06-2007, 01:40 AM
Well, maybe he did. That quail was trying to get to one of their favorite hiding places and I didn't see the end result. After my focus went back to the plane and what was about to happen, I had tunnel vision on it. :-)

The motor is the Park 450, 10x7 prop, 1320 lipo, and electrifly 25 I think.

03-06-2007, 03:14 AM
I guess the AXi 2808 I have on the front of mine will be overkill....


Thanks for the info X.


03-09-2007, 08:01 PM
must have looked like a F6F hellcat chasing down a zero :D