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03-15-2007, 06:23 AM
I have many servos,gyros,motors, batteries, esc's....ect... All are in working condition and have been taken care of well...

4 Walkera 701 7 channel Receiver Two have antennas repaired and still work great.....15.00 each of 50.00 for all 4

1 Walkera 607 micro 6 channel Receiver 15.00

1 Walkera 602 Reciver 6 Channel Receiver 15.00

2 Walkera G006 Gyros 25.00 each or 45.00 for both

1 Walkera G007 30.00

1 Walkera 35 amp brushless esc with deans connector 25.00

1 Walkera 3500 kv outrunner brushless motor 25.00

1 Walkera 7.6- High speed servo 10.00

3 Walkera 7.6-3 High speed servos 10.00 each or 25.00 for all

1 Cirrus 9 gram servo 10.00

7 Walkera 9 gram servos 8.00 each or 50.00 for all

2 Hextronics 1500 mAh 3 cell 12 C li-po batteries 25.00 each or 43.00 for all...

All of the items are in good working condition except one of the 9 gram servos is missing the plastic connector, and also one of the G006 Gyros is also missing the servo connector.... Please Pm me and i will get pics asap or oppon request....

Thanks if you want all of it ill sell it all for 280.00 shipped if you buy all of this new it will be worth over 400.00

Mike Parsons
03-16-2007, 03:51 AM
I closed your other threads and sent you a PM to discuss with me the allegations against you to scamming people. I suggest you open that dialogue or face banning here as you were banned at RCG