View Full Version : Scale topdressing foam electric?

03-23-2007, 06:49 AM
OK with electric power as it is now, and aerex and epp foam etc how about a 1.4-1.5m span Cresco WITH a working hopper??
I know trike undercarriage's are not as practical being vulnerable and ideally need to be steerable - however if provisions are made (a hard area under the forward belly for nose wheel to bang up against if folded back that far in a hard landing) then its not so bad, also if CG is where you want it then a 2pnt "flare" landing should be easy too.
The only production electric foam model I have found that may work with a hopper is Graupners "Turbo Agro" Zlin T137, once on hobby lobby, however as cost effective as it may be (foam) I suspect a hopper may not hold enough for at least 2 good VISIBLE topdressing runs!!
But a Cresco has the high lift wing and would work well as a working model in a 1.3-1.5m span to lift a reasonable load without a costly power train set up and would simulate the turbine Cresco nicley!..........any comments?