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10-13-2005, 06:13 AM
So I got hooked on RC by learning to slope fly in Redondo Beach, CA. I successfully soloed and even built a 9.65 oz glider using a Stryker body and a HiTec micro radio set. My glider is incredibly stable, easy to fly, will float along at 8 to 10 mph, and looks great while doing it. Problem is I only work in CA and live in NY so I wanted something to fly in NY. I tried a Park Zone AeroBird Challenger, which I can fly (sort of LOL), but everytime I crash it gets out of trim and takes 30 mins to re-trim. SO - I wanted to make a nice docile flying electric wing that can tool around at 10 mph while I hone my new skills, and I want it to look cool even at 10 mph and I really like the stability and strength of EPP foam wing type shapes. So far I tried a 280 motor with a 2C 900mAh LiPo and a reverse folding pusher prop (4.7x2.3) on a Styker body (about 13 oz total weight). It looks really great and is very stable but just barely flies. The 280 motor weighs 1.4 oz. I'd like to up the power, but not up the weight. So here comes the question part:

1) What is the lightest combination of motor, mount, prop, ESC that money can buy which will push a 13 oz plane with a prop no bigger than 6 inches?
2) Could I use an external rotor brushless motor and are these motors really "silent" and if yes how would I mount it?
3) Does anyone know of an RTF-EPP-slowflying-silent-brushless motored-cool looking-electric wing/plane?
4) Is there another larger one piece EPP base wing shape available like the Stryker which I might try to modify?

Well I have a million more questions, but thats all for now.

Thanks to all who have gone before me in making such a great site and providing such a wealth of info in one small place!!


Glacier Girl
10-13-2005, 11:49 AM
Man that's a heck of a commute.
The sloap soarer version can fly that slowly because of no weight.
Cheapest way out would be upping the motor slightly. Might look at a Venom Micro Fireball 370. www.venom-racing.com (http://www.venom-racing.com) This would work well with a gear box set up.
For a great small/lite weight brushless motor. Look at the BP21 outrunner, from Balsa Products.
Most of us prop the Stryker for speed, but I'm sure you could go the opposite direction and reprop for thrust.
The Venom/gearbox or BP are both easily set up with a stick mount.

10-13-2005, 01:58 PM
Nothing like fast replies and instant gratification! Thanks for the input Glacier; the BP21 on a stick looks darn close to nirvana for my concept. Next question:

1) What would happen if I hooked the BP21 to a 6x3 folding prop?
2) What about this motor? Its less than 1 oz. How could I mount it?



P.S. You're right its a hell of commute. You wouldn't believe the gas bill.

10-26-2005, 03:22 PM
Well here it is:
AUW 12.55 oz


Very stable, easy to launch, glides great with no power, flies at about 15mph just perfectly, virtually impervious to crashes, way cooler than an AeroBird, and I assembled it in less than 2 hours with no glue only tape!
Neon-SS with RX-04MG + dual HS-55 servos
Stryker fuselage
pushrod & clevis
MP Jet AC 22/7-60D brushless outrunner (1070 kv 0.9 oz)
MP Jet aluminum motor mount
motor leads
Jeti 8 ESC
Thunder Power 11.1V 900 mAh Li-Po
Graupner Scimitar 7x4 folding prop (estimating 11 oz thrust at 3-4 amps)
QN-012BC Li-Po charger (only 19.95)
6 inch servo wire extensions
Anyways, don't know if anyone else really would be interested but I thought it was pretty cool. :cool:

Stryker Trainer Video

23MB - long download time (2-3 mins on broadband)
Flying at 1/3 throttle.


Joe :cool: