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03-27-2007, 08:22 AM
:p Hi, every guys here, let me introduce ELE Firefox-100 V2, for its development since its entering into market. here is some new pictures about its changed design. If any guys are interested in this micro helicopter, please visit : www.elemodel.com/shop (http://www.elemodel.com/shop)
The lightest 3D belt driven micro electric helicopter in the world--------ELE Firefox-100 V2 :rolleyes:
Firefox-100 V2 is integrated with belt driven system, Sheila. Bill Main Rotor Yoke and CCPM control system. Overall length is 310mm, main rotor diameter is 350mm, tail rotor diameter 100mm, 180 brushed motor or original factory produced brushless (http://www.rcuniverse.com/buynow/keywordclick.cfm?bid_id=4605) motor can be applied on Firefox-100. The body structure is sturdy and reliability similar to the big helicopter named LOGO which is made in Germany, the most noticeable characteristic of Firefox-100 is its 190g weight! It is the solely lightest 3D tail rotor belt driven helicopter with agile performance in the world at present time.

ELE Firefox-100V2 is 90% factory assembled with ball bearing on its key parts, a stunner for agile 3D flying performance. Players can get 10-13 minutes flying time continuously with 7.4v, 800mha-900mha with original factory produced motor.

As far as we know, micro electric helicopter takes the advantage of shock resistance, low costs of flying and easy flying controlling for player. It is very suitable for those electric helicopter beginners who love acrobatic 3D flying. Standard flight line is stability as it should be. Especially because Firefox-100 has got same belt pitch control system as the big fuel helicopter, Firefox-100 is controllable and stable for flying, it not only meet the needs for flight line training, but also good for 3D acrobatic flying afterwards. The micro helicopter will not be serious damaged caused by improper handling for its flying weight comparing with large helicopter, and also it can lower flying costs for not strictly quality requirement on battery.

Although Firefox-100 is light, delicate and exquisite, it is not a toy, on the contrary, it is a delicate remote control helicopter with great precision comparable with fuel helicopters! Firefox-100 V2 is not only favored by beginners, but also favored by expert players who are anxious to have a try.


1. Light and agile: 190g flying weight, 170mm for single main rotor, suitable for outdoor and indoor flying (http://www.rcuniverse.com/buynow/keywordclick.cfm?bid_id=4518).

2. Excellent structure: Sheila. Bill Main Rotor Yoke with CCPM control system, 3D pitch and tail belt driven contribute for its flying controllability and stability.

3. Flying duration: 6-8 minutes with 550mAh Li-po battery, 10-12 minutes with 800mAh Li-po battery.

4. Firefox-100 is specially suitable for its high shock resistance, cheap spare parts, low flying cost, easy controlling for players.

5. Equipment requirement: 6 CH transmitter with CCPM, 10A brushless ESC, 3.7g servos*4, micro gyro, 7.4V 800mAh-900mAh Lipoly.

Several attentions on Firefox-100

1. Screw should not be used as a replacement for the belt guide wheel shaft using on the fuselage, otherwise, deflection of the belt guide wheel will cause the belt slip down.

2. Be sure the tail rotor to be rotated forward other than backward. We have produced two kinds of motors for Firefox-100, the red one is for normal flying, blue one for 3D flying, we recommend the blue one.

3. Players should use tail servo mount to reduce dummy position, and improve stability( very important, it is totally different when the tail servo mount is used on the helicopter)

4. Tail Pitch Control set with dual bearings can also reduce dummy position and improve stability (very important, it is totally different when the tail servo mount is used on the helicopter)

5. Landing Gear (http://www.rcuniverse.com/buynow/keywordclick.cfm?bid_id=4676) Brace Set with rubber case can be useful in case of shock and damages.

6. Newly designed 3D Canopy is available now, if you have any enquiries, please contact our online service person.

Fly Away Ohm
03-27-2007, 09:55 AM
Don't you just love Chinglish?

'Sheila Bill Main Rotor Yoke' got me stumped for a while, then I got it....

Sheila Bill = Bell Hillier!


03-27-2007, 11:21 AM
here is the video: