View Full Version : For Sale TREX 600!!!

03-29-2007, 01:59 AM

Very low time on everything!!!!

(1) TREX 600
(2) Six cell Flight Power EVO 4900mAh packs
(3) Hitec 6975MB servos
(1) Hitec 6965MB tail servo
(2) sets SAB 600mm carbon blades (white)
(1) Futabe 401 gyro
(1) Extra set spiral cut main and pinion gear set(stock ratio)
(1) Set of high performance green flybar paddles
(1) 2000mAh Nmhd receiver battery pack with switch and charging harness
(1) Expert on board receiver battery led monitor
(1) On board lipo low warning light (voltage adjustable)
(2) Extra main shafts
(2) Extra feathering spindals
(4) Extra tail booms
(1) Extra tail belt
(1) Head button
Brightly painted canopy

Cost me $1794.00 +

Will let go for $1500.00 + shipping (US only)
Sorry no paypal. US Postal money order works very well.

email for pics!

[email protected] ([email protected])
Please use my email as I can check it more often.