View Full Version : Esky HB FP2/CP2 parts for sale inc. new 4/1!

03-31-2007, 12:18 AM
I have some spare parts to unload:
4 tail rotors, 3 new, 1 used.
2 tail rotor shafts with the large gear on each. one is new, other lightly used.
1 used tail motor ( low miles) 4 purple heatsinks for the tail motors
1 4/1 for CP2, NEW, just energized to test. Works, no chrystal.
2 stock tx's, 1 for FP2, 1 for CP2.
$50 shipped,for all (to the US) or make me an offer for individual parts. I am not greedy!
Proceeds will be donated to the "Really cool stuff for my COMPY" charitable organization. As you can see, your money would go to a VERY worthwhile cause!