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04-05-2007, 04:19 AM
Hi all

New to the forum and very much a rooky in the air
I recently bought my second plane ever, the park zone typhoon 3d.
I also bought a 3 cel lipo battery and after allot of reading I tought myself about danes connectors and sauldering them on to the plane as well as lipo miths and do's and donts so i also went and got a battery balancer.
Here is my question and I will pre face it with a thanks to god for not letting this huge mistake ruin my battery

I adapted the danes connectors and I charged my lipo and thought i was good to go. I didnt take the time to read the entire instruction manual and missed the part that talks about programing my ESC. At the time I didnt even know what ESC stood for. Now thanks to a few links I know a bit more about it, but not before taking the typhoon on its maydel flight without programing the lipo voltage auto cut off. lucky for me the sun went down and I only got 15 minutes in the air otherwise i'm sure I would have turned my lipo into an ugly & expensive paper weight. So here is the deal I entered the program mode today and think (key word THINK) i swiched the auto cut off to the lipo setting but here is the thing. I went up today and I got almost 30 minutes of flight time..... This is something I'm not used to since the Mi-MH oly lasts for about 10 minutes on my other plane the Super cub (at the most 12 minutes).Is that too long for a lipo????

So i desided to be cautious and bring it down. when I noticed a different sound (weaker sound) coming from the motor so in a moment of panic a wind draft cought me and I stalled and didnt react fast enough to level out and land properly. (And by the way since that hard landing my rudder servo doesnt work, I think I broke a few teeth on the gear inside)

Any how
When I attempted to change the programing I got a different piched beep than I normally do, however 30 minutes with out an automatic shut off seams like too much. Does any one have experience with this? Does it sound like I did it right? is 30 minutes too long? I am heavy on the throtle so i dont know. and also one last thing. There is also another option in the program mode that allows you to change the brake setting on and off. Off is default so I followed the instructions to leave it in the off setting rather than change it to the on since I dont know how it will react in the air. Can any one give some feed back about the brake setting and also the motor triming option? The manual talks about an Outrunner (and 4-pole or greater motor) option setting or an Inrunner (2 polemotor setting which is default) and is also the one I chose to leave it in. Then something elso happened that is not in the manual. at the end of the programing sequence I got 4 beeps which again is not discussed in the manual but what i did was to bring the throttle all the way down and thats when I got a different piched set of beeps

Sorry that this is so lengthy.
Please advise


Leo L
04-05-2007, 01:01 PM
I'm not sure about your settings because I still fly my Typhoon on the NiMh batteries, but 30 minutes does seem incredibly long for staying in the air on the LiPo. If you don't get a good answer here, call Horizon Hobby directly and speak to their techs. Their number should be listed in the back of your manual and is listed on their web-site.