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04-06-2007, 12:14 AM
************************************************** *********

*Micro-Glow*V-6* *TM*
$34.95 + $7.00 W/LED

*NEW* On board Glow System With Remote – LED 12” servo lead plug*
*NEW* 12” 20-Ga Servo leads (Male – female) No Y needed !
*NEW* Remote Led High Power Green T-1 size! 12” Leads
*NEW* Improved code Runs FASTER!
*NEW* Longer Leads 24”Glow - 12” Battery leads
*NEW* Deans Plugs Installed on every Micro Glow! (1-SET )
*NEW* DSP* Operation Runs 8 Million instructions second * 8Mhz*
*NEW* Fail safe Operation * Valid pulse detector *
*NEW* Fail safe Operation * Shut down on no Signal *
*NEW* No glitch system* Wont drain battery *
*NEW* RTF System $49.90 W/Battery / Remote LED Save $7.00

*Easy setup from 1% on time to 100% “On” time user Programmable

*8 Bit Micro Processor controller on Pcb*

*Works With ANY Radio system

*Drives up to 5 Plugs* (Extra boots/Clips Needed )

*Also drives Landing lights or Pumps*

*1 Button set up* *100 Year memory Cell EEPROM*

*Reversible with 1 button Press*
*Simple operation of ANY channel you select ( Throttle, flaps Etc )
*Included Servo Lead gives back active channel in use.

*Smallest Glow system In Market Class Under (7) Grams

*Over 1258 Units in field Use over 2 years with No failures*
*Simple 1 Cell Operation* *1.2 V 3000 ma Cell recommended for up to 1 hour of Glow time $$ Add $14.95 to order W/deans
*RTF Glow System $49.90 SAVE $7.00 Micro Glow V-6W/LED / Battery RTF

*3000 ma ~ 3600ma battery alone W/deans $14.95 shipped
(*Stock dependent on Cell size and Brand*)

4 Cycle - Red Wire Black Boot $7.00 In Stock

*Please do NOT use any alkaline cells to power your plugs
*There not designed for the R/C loads
*Super Bright Surface Mount Leds* * 0603 Size*
*Included Glow Clip For use on 2Cycle Engines & 4 Cycles *
*Extra Glow Clips add $3.00 Ea Free shipping!*
*No Fault Life time warranty on Pcb & Our Glow Clip * ** See notes (1) & (2)***
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04-06-2007, 06:21 AM
Exactly where does this hook up on our electric powered park fliers. Since this is an electric forum. I know there are some out there that still yearn for the smell of castrol and alcohol with a dash of nitro. You know who you are......seek counseling.

04-06-2007, 03:05 PM

You are right on here !