View Full Version : Blade CX w Police body

04-07-2007, 12:48 AM
I am selling my Blade CX, that I bought about a year ago. It has two batteries, a spare outer shaft, some spare blades, and some salvage parts from a crash on the day I bought it. It will be packed in the original box and foam. It still flies good. It has the aluminum inner shaft and heatsink upgrades. I removed the case from the 4n1, and cut some cooling holes in the canopy. It does have some signs of use, like repaired skids, ect. It includes the battery charger and 2 batteries, though one of the battieries is starting to fade a bit. The transmitter could use a new antenna. The last section of so comes out, but I haven't had any problems using the half that is there.
Please post or email any questions.

I have been asking $135 shipped, but am open to offers an may put it on ebay if it doesn't sell quickly.

Thanks, Ryan