View Full Version : Delta DX-10

04-09-2007, 02:22 AM
Another experiment, This fly just fine the way it was built with a Park 370 outrunner but in a moment of weakness I added a MP Jet Red motor and 2100 3 cell pack. This turned it into a flying brick that lacked the control I once had. It flies much better on the TP-1320 3 cell than in the video.

Theres really nothing special about the video or plane but thought you might want to see me scare myself a few times. I'm also told I had lots of body English helping to keep it airborne. (It works for me) :o

It may take a few before the video works but it can also be loaded from my site at
http://www.cascadeap.com/DX10.wmv 11.3 MB