View Full Version : blade cx2 + upgrades + 3 lipos - needs canopy $160 / trade

04-11-2007, 05:11 AM
Blade CX2, aprox 45 days old.
Bought this as a entry heli-trainer and it's served it's purpose. Flying a Blade CP currently and no reason to have this sitting.
Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Main Rotor Hub $25
Aluminum Lower Rotor Head Set $20
E-flite eflite Blade CX Motor Heat Sink EFLH1208 $5

8 various blades Upper/lower $8
Landing Gear Skid $2
2 x 7.4v 800ma Lipo $60 (I guarantee the condition of the batteries, approx 6-7 flights on each)
1 7.4v 900ma LiPO, approximately stock size, extended flights $30
1 Stock Flybar

Comes with everything in the photo, inc stock radio.
Willing to take mpgs of the blade in flight. No funky characteristics or problems with the TX or RX. Unlike my Blade, at 2.4 Ghz, this thing has never glitched on me at all.
If you're looking for an entry heli setup, this is a great deal. It's less than a new off the shelf unit, the parts that normally get damaged during training crashes (rotor hubs) have already been replaced, and it comes with spare blades and 3 batteries. Throw on some training gear if you're new - the gear is sitting on my Blade currently! If you buy one out of the box, you will be replacing the rotor hubs, other than the rotor blades and hubs, these little birds are very tough!
The 3 included LiPo batteries mean that the heli will likely outlast your will to fly it.
Price includes shipping. Will ship in original box, by whatever means is most economical for me. 48 states only. Price is firm, if I replace the front canopy and list on ebay, it'll bring over $200.
Again, willing to shoot mpgs of it in flight.
Will ship in original box.
As I'm not a known good seller around these parts, I'm willing to do the following for any buyer who is concerned with an internet purchase:
1) COD at the expense of the buyer (you can open the box before paying)
2) Accept Paypal, your purchase is insured from fraud/theft
3) Provide *numerous* references
Trades considered: any RTF - fly, float, or drive toy.
Heli appropriate stand alone receiver for a 300+ class bird
Some other interesting toy. Blade CP upgrades / parts (if you've gotten in over your head with the Blade) - everything +/- cash as long as the amount is reasonable.

Front Canopy is damaged in front (not seen in photo) - will include it if desired. It was grabbed out of the sky a little too hard and cracked the front. Rear body has a crack in it, as seen in photo. Cosmetic and absolutely no impact on performace. Main shaft never bent, airframe never replaced or bent. Replacement is of front is approximately $13. Replacement of entire body is about $25:


05-01-2007, 02:21 AM