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10-17-2005, 04:02 AM
Hello All,
I just wanted to share my experience with you regarding the NEW Elite SC
Ni-Mh 3600 mAh battery. I recently purchased these from "Cheap Battery Packs". I bought 2ea. 9 cell packs for my Coro Spad EP. I have been running the GP3300's in it and they work really well but these new Elite's are very impressive.
My set up consist of the CERMARK CEM-600BL-3 Brushless motor direct drive with a MAS 11 x 7 E prop & the Electrifly 50 amp brushless ESC. It draws 38 amps at WOT. The AUW of the plane is 4.3 lbs..
I must say these are very impressive. I had tons of power. The planes performance was awesome.
Call me old fashion being I still use Ni-Mh's. But I fly 4lb. plus planes and they can handle the weight.
Happy Flying All

10-17-2005, 08:37 PM
Jerry, cool man!!! Couple of years ago, I had a SPAD Dogfighter. Generally, you'd use a .25 to .40 engine. I still have this plane and it just hangs in the shop cause I stole all the electronics out of it. I had this plane mated up to a mag mayhem with an Olympus belt drive. Swung a
12x8 folder prop on 8 cells of SCR's (1700's). Flew pretty good! I also had a jeti 30/3 brushless I was going to use on it but it went to a sailplane. Then I sold the jeti (needed other rc items).
If you wuz gonna power that thing with lipos, I think you'd get sticker shock!!!! I don't know how some of these guys who are doing glow conversions afford the power systems! Hundreds of cash! Larger planes, I'm sticking to 4 stroke power. Cheaper and they sound like the real thing.


10-19-2005, 02:37 AM
I gotta add my $.02.

I was out at the field with Jerry on Sunday morning. I've seen the coro EP fly many, many times. There was a noticable increase in performance when he went from the Endo setup to the Cermark brushless a while back. But the performance difference using the Elite3600's was just awesome to see. Now I gotta save up to buy me some.

Jason T
10-19-2005, 06:12 AM

I also still fly Nimhs for my high performance gliders. Other good cells are the IB3600's and the IB3800's from Battlepack.com. Battlepack will also zap them for free.