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04-19-2007, 11:35 PM
4/12/07 Cumming, Georgia

Mercury Adhesives launched today their new Scientifically Engineered Adhesive System at the world famous Weak Signals Hobby Show.

About Mercury Adhesives
Cliff Whitney, co-founder stated “Most users have never given much thought to their various adhesives but Mercury has and is going to change the way users think about and use adhesives. The Mercury tag line says it best…. Scientifically Engineered Adhesives!”

Mercury recognizes that quality is of the utmost importance and has put in place the technology and a global supply infrastructure to get things done. Mercury is supported by a primary manufacturer of high specification adhesives and sealants serving industrial and consumer clients all over the world.

Each Mercury product is specifically formulated for a given task. Steve Evans, co-founder stated “We are proud that our adhesives are accredited ISO9001-2000 and QS9000. The medical division products are USP Class VI approved, and our products possess numerous military and original equipment manufacturers approvals. These high quality products and standards allow all Mercury products to carry an unconditional 2 year warranty.”

Have you been frustrated, fed up or just plain mad that the stem on your glue bottle is clogged or that you have to take a pair of pliers to get the top off only to find the glue inside already hardened up? The bottle top Mercury has designed is clever and actually screws on and off instead of the usual push on and pull off. This assures a smooth operation and a good tight seal keeping the adhesive fresh and helping prevent spills. The Mercury bottle tip is also scientifically engineered in such a way as to help prevent clogging. This remarkable cap is actually two caps in one to preserve freshness and is designed with a pin built right into the tip of the cap.

No more clogging up. No more hardened CA. No more frustration!

The Mercury line is over 25 products strong with the CA line consisting of, thin viscosity M5T, medium viscosity M300M and gap filling M1100G formulas.

The Mercury foam compatible, low odor CA product is simply the best in the industry and is available in both M100F medium, M1000 thick viscosities.

Mercury also offers a flexible M3500FL rubber-toughened CA, as well as M68DB Debonder and MH16 Accelerator. A complete line of epoxies, finishing resins and thread lockers all in unique dispensers and various sizes round out the Mercury line. Many more products are under development and watch at SEFF for further announcements.

User Accolades
“I have had the pleasure of building for many of the top TOC pilots. During these years I have used just about every type of adhesive known to modeling and must say that the Mercury Adhesives products are by far the best adhesive system I have ever used.

The purity and stability is second to none and the ingenious pin-in-cap nozzle and cap closure assures that the nozzle is always clean and open. Since using this system I have never experienced a clogged nozzle like I have with just about every other brand I have used.

Great cap design and along with this I get the fastest and strongest CA’s I have ever used.”
A.J. Lee, Professional Model Builder

And More
“I use Mercury adhesives exclusively when assembling our prototype and display/show aircraft. These aircraft must stand up to season after season of use and abuse, and I trust Mercury products to provide long lasting bonds in high stress areas. I’ve used all other brands over the years and I’ve found Mercury to be a superior product. Each product has been developed and tested to provide the best bond possible for a particular application, and the Mercury team has gone above and beyond to educate the consumer about which formula is best for their specific needs. This is really a top notch product backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals.”
Chris Hinson, President, Extreme Flight RC

And More
“As the owner and operator of Custom Airframes, I am the designer and builder of many top award winning pattern airframes. To successfully build these high-end aircraft a scientifically engineered adhesive system is required for maximum strength and minimal weight. Over the years I have used many different adhesives, and Mercury Adhesives is by far the purist, strongest, and lightest system I have used.

Mercury Adhesives have also solved the everlasting mystery of the “clogged nozzle” with their great pin-in-cap design. Since using their cap and nozzle design I have never experienced a clogged nozzle. “
Mike Hester, Designer of the Black Magic, Owner Custom Airframes

About Mercury Adhesives
Mercury is a privately held LLC corporation located in Cumming, GA. Mercury is sold direct to retail outlets and not direct to consumers. Dealers can order direct to ensure the highest profitability. The Mercury mission is to manufacture and distribute the highest quality Scientifically Engineered Adhesives to dealers around the globe. More info is available at www.mercuryadhesives.com.

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06-22-2007, 02:05 AM
An Adhesive as best of show?
M100XF is the result of nearly 2 years of lab work by Mercury Chemist. This work has resulted in a formulation that is among the fastest, strongest and highest quality ever available.

Cliff Whitney and Steve Evans, founders of Mercury Adhesives were very flattered that the new M100XF High Performance ARF adhesive was chosen by the 280+ registered pilots as the best new product at SEFF 2007.

The Mercury Founders have been working under the covers for over two years to bring Mercury to life. Cliff Whitney recently stated “I was naive to the adhesive business 2 years ago but knew that a quality change was needed in the industry and managed to get Steve to join me at Mercury.”

Mr. Whitney went on to say “We released the Mercury company and the only USA produced line of products at the Toledo show. With our unique formulas, no clog bottle and cap design as well as our 2 year unconditional warranty the Mercury man was very well received with 10 deep crowds at the booth each day.“

The new M100XF High Performance adhesive has never been seen in public before SEFF 2007. It is a product that Mercury founders purposely held back at Toledo so as to use it as a new product release at SEFF. Steve Evans said “This product is a first in the adhesive market and is designed for high alkaline Popular and lite Ply which is why some are calling it the ARF glue. It is simply the highest quality CA anywhere. Even with this knowledge, I was skeptical to enter the product at the SEFF competition and was very confident that we would loose out in the voting to other E-Flight products, as the line up at SEFF is always the cream of the crop!

To think that this award is actually voted on by the pilots and they choose our M100XF over the many other very fine products presented has not fully sunk in. Everyone at Mercury is very thankful for all of the encouragement and support we have been receiving from users of our products and the growing list of hobby shop owners around the world who are allowing the consumer make the choice of the adhesives they can purchase.”

Most pilots are just not aware what is actually holding their aircraft together. There is a difference in the adhesives out there, major differences as any professional builder will tell you.

The M100XF product is from the Ethyl family of CA with a few proprietary additives included to increase speed and strength. M100XF is 100cps in viscosity, thicker than thin but thinner than medium but yet still has very good wetting out qualities when applied to a joint, it will not wick into the joint but will soak into to the joint and surrounding wood to make a very strong bond. M100XF can be used by either applying to one surface before positioning or it can be applied to the joint after the parts are positioned. With these properties M100XF is a great adhesive for using over the existing joints in ARF aircraft where a good once over is needed before the first flight.

Another strong attribute is it’s low vapor properties. While it is not a low odor product like Mercury M100F or M1000F, users have noticed, during the many hours of testing, that M100XF does not produce the same amount of vapors as the standard Ethyl grade CA.

One of the best uses for this product is on poplar plywood, or as builders know it lite-ply. We have also found it to work great when sheeting with balsa or working with any tough to bond surfaces.

The reason this product works so good on the poplar plywood is due to the high alkaline content of poplar. Alkaline is a neutralizer to cyanoacrylate, which will prevent the product from reacting with the moisture in the wood; in this case an accelerator would be used to promote the curing process. The accelerator will cure the CA but with a more brittle joint, the vary thing you want to avoid when gluing plywood.

Based on extensive testing this product is a great choice for assembling the ARF type models. Because of the extensive use of poplar plywood in these models most manufacturers use a PVA (polyvinalacetate) type of glue. This glue is an air-drying adhesive that cures by solvent evaporation. Simply put, when the water, that carries the adhesive to the joint, evaporates the adhesive that has spread into the joints grain and crevices dries and forms a flexible, mechanical bond. These types of products are heavy, slow and do not posses the strength of CA.

With the excellent wet-out capabilities of M100XF you can go over the joints on your new ARF and be assured the glue joints are solid. Also you can use this product during the many assembly and gluing steps required to complete the model.

More about where to find mercury products, as well as the Science behind the high quality line of mercury Products can be found by visiting the companies website http://www.mercuryadhesives.com. Be sure to click on “The Science” link as well as to watch the Video.

About Mercury Adhesives
Mercury is a privately held corporation located in Cumming, GA. Mercury is sold direct to retail outlets and not direct to consumers. The Mercury mission is to manufacture and distribute the highest quality Scientifically Engineered adhesives around the globe. More info is available at www.mercuryadhesives.com (http://www.mercuryadhesives.com)

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