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04-27-2007, 01:27 PM
Adding unnecesary weight to a plane is like drilling holes in the bottom of a boat to let the water drain out...9888

Take a look at this pic and you will see why your stock AHAA zooms-and-dives.

Hi Larry,

Just wanted to let you know I've been following your advice for the last dozen flights and pair of planes and you're absdolutely right that this is *the* way to trim the Aero Ace.

Your solution adds no weight, leaves the elevators neutral, kinks no booms, doesn't expose the guts or slow down the plane with drag... it's the perfect way to fine-tune the plane for the flight characteristics desired.

Thank you for so persistently posting your solution (I counted 8 repetitions of your message before I tried your advice) because at first glance, it seems too simple to be meaningful. In fact, it's one of those rare gifts. I wonder how many other members have taken your advice here?... the response hasn't been good.

I have a couple of small variations I use when I do the modification...

1) I use a business card corner slipped between the vertical stabilizer foam and the black plastic to break the bond of the glue; careful, that's where they tuck the free end of the antenna.

2) instead of a stick, I use a small piece of tape folded over the black plastic and stuck to both sides of the vertical stabilizer to keep it in place.

The whole procedure takes about two minutes and can be adjusted in the field at any time.

Good work!

Many thanks,

PS - You should really create a new thread for your mod and make it a sticky... here and on the other forums as well.