View Full Version : Boudreaux goes for a ride

Don Sims
10-19-2005, 12:27 PM
Boudreaux & Thibodeaux were driving around town one night, and coming up to a red light, Boudreaux runs right through it, not even slowing down.

Thibodeaux says, "Boudreaux, you ran dat red light. Be careful!" Boudreaux tells him, "Don't worry, Hebert does it all de time, and nuttin ever happens."

A few minutes later, another red light, and Boudreaux runs it too. Thibodeaux screams at him, Boudreaux, you keep running dem red lights, you gonna got us killed!"

Boudreaux assures him, "Mais I done tol' you, Hebert does it all de time wid no problem. Don't worry."

The next intersection they come to, they have a green light, and Boudreaux slams on the brakes, coming to a complete stop on green.

Thibodeaux asks him, "Why you stop for de green light?" Boudreaux, looking cautiously both ways tells him, "Mais, if I gots de green
light, I gots to be careful, 'cause Hebert might be passing de other way!"