View Full Version : Anudder kid story

Don Sims
10-21-2005, 12:41 AM
An associate at work told me this story.

He was dating again after a divorce while being a single parent with full-time custody of his small children. One relationship had come and gone, and a new girlfriend was over visiting one evening. The 3-yr old tyke comes out and unabashedly asks, "Are you sleeping here with my daddy tonite?" The story teller did not remember how she handled the delicate questions, and the flustered dad had no idea where it had come from. A few days later light was shed on the moment. It seems the first girlfriend had stayed the night a time or two, and instead of the usual Cocoa Puff breakfast, she had made the whole family pancakes and the works. This precocious little boy was looking to see if more hot breakfasts were likely the following morning......lol.